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  • Why We Are Obsessed With Coconut Oil And Think You Should Be Too
  • Coco Calla

Why We Are Obsessed With Coconut Oil And Think You Should Be Too

Why We Are Obsessed With Coconut Oil And Think You Should Be Too

You keep hearing how coconut oil is a "miracle oil" but it all sounds too good to be true and we get it. We are not fond of fads and trends either, especially when it comes to our health and well-being.

With so many products out there making claims and empty promises like how to lose two inches of belly fat in one week while you sleep, we understand the need to be skeptical. Practically overnight, "Fat Free" made food companies millions (if not billions) of dollars by convincing us they had magically removed fat from food, but we now know that it was nothing more than a marketing game of smoke and mirrors. What "fat free" really means is a higher sugar content, more preservatives and toxic artificial ingredients.

So we can relate to feeling jaded by clever marketing tactics but if there is one "fad" we are completely obsessed with, its our love of coconut oil. Janna and I like to joke about how coconut oil might be our soul mate.

If you are new to this ancient oil extracted from the meat of coconuts, we understand the reluctancy to break out of your normal routine. When I first started using coconut oil back when my oldest was first born and I started my journey of being a "crunchy mama", I was looking for something to help with his eczema. I loved the thought of using a superfood that was all natural with so many uses. Something about the word "superfood" just instantly makes you feel healthier, doesn't it? But I confess to having my moments of wondering if it was all a bunch of hype. 

I kept reading about how coconut oil is one of the "healthiest oils on the earth" but what if it was just a huge jar of fat? Beauty bloggers were hailing it as the best kept skin care secret, but why would anyone want to put coconut oil on their face? Ewwww. Wouldn't that just clogged my pores and cause massive breakouts? And then there was the sticker shock of the cost for a good quality oil.

But I kept hearing about the many health and beauty benefits and because I love simple, all natural products I finally broke down and bought a jar, well sort of. While grocery shopping one day and traveling down the aisle with all the cooking oils, I ran across different brands of coconut oil and not really knowing what I was looking for, I opted to go the cheap route and grabbed a plastic jar of inexpensive oil to "give it a try".

While it was the start of my coconut oil obsession, it was also a lesson in not all coconut oils are created equal. The oil was not the best quality, had more ingredients than just "coconut" and as a newbie to all natural living, I made the mistake of buying coconut oil packaged in plastic. 

As I became a more savvy coconut oil user, I learned the importance of how coconut oil is processed and to choose cold pressed virgin organic oil packaged in glass jars. My son loved the smell and started slathering himself after a bath which greatly improved his eczema. I started using it as a make-up remover and as my primary anti-aging skin care product. I now make my own all natural deodorant and toothpaste with coconut oil. I keep a jar of coconut oil by the bed to massage my cuticles and I mix it with wild orange essential oil to rub my arms and neck for a relaxing bedtime wind down. 

My love of coconut oil started spilling over into my diet too as I learned about the benefits of "healthy fats" and how beneficial coconut oil is to boosting the metabolism and immune system. I started adding a teaspoon to my morning coffee, into my smoothies, drizzling it over waffles and oatmeal before sprinkling with flaxseeds and using it instead of butter to scramble our farm fresh eggs. I soon found myself blessed to be part of Coco Calla to share the many health benefits of coconut oil with others. 

Dr. Bruce Fife, author of A Coconut Oil Miracle, shares some valuable info for those who are new to using coconut oil and may be concerned about the amount of fat in their diet "I learned that coconut oil has had a long history of use throughout the world as both a food and as a medicine. People in coconut growing regions of the world have been using it for hundreds of years without suffering from heart disease. In fact, those people who use the most coconut oil have the lowest heart disease rates in the world. For example, up until a few years ago the people of Sri Lanka used coconut oil in all their cooking. Each person consumed about 120 coconuts a year. Despite this high rate of consumption they had the lowest heart disease death rate in the world—1 out of every 100,000. Compare that to Americans who eat essentially no coconut oil yet nearly 1 out of every 2 deaths is heart related."

Coconut oil has been a staple in my house for years and while I won't claim it to be a miracle cure-all, I seem to keep finding new ways to use this "jewel of the tropics" in my every day life and will probably continue to be that annoying person who won't pass up any opportunity to preach about how amazing it is.

If you are ready to jump off into giving coconut oil a try, take the time to read the labels of any coconut oil you are looking to purchase and only use unrefined, unbleached 100% all natural cold pressed organic virgin oil to avoid any fillers, preservatives, chemicals and pesticides.

Once you give nature's best kept secret a try, we know you will love it as much as we do!

  • Coco Calla

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