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  • Simplify Your Make Up Removal Routine With Coconut Oil
  • Coco Calla

Simplify Your Make Up Removal Routine With Coconut Oil

Simplify Your Make Up Removal Routine With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil as make-up remover?! Yes! Its a common myth that putting oil on your face clogs the pores when in reality, using a quality high grade natural oil (like organic extra virgin coconut oil) massaged into your skin dissolves oil that has hardened on your skin with impurities and clogged your pores.

Here's the low down on using coconut oil as a make-up remover:

Step 1: Scoop a pea size amount of coconut oil with your fingers from the jar. If it has hardened rub it between your fingers until it becomes liquid and lightly coated your fingertips.

Step 2: Close your eyes and gently spread the oil over and around your eye area, eyelids and lashes. There should plenty of oil to easily move your fingers around without tugging or pulling at your skin. If you need to, scoop out a little more oil until you have enough. You’ll feel eyeshadow and concealer come off right away. For long-wearing or water proof mascara, you may need to open your eyes and use one finger to apply a bit of oil directly to your bottom lashes and gently scrub back and forth, and the underside of the top ones, again scrubbing back and forth. If a little oil gets in your eye, no worries as it doesn’t sting and washes out easily.

Step 3: Gently massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion all over your face to remove other makeup (be sure to include your lips, coconut oil is very moisturizing for the lip area).

Step 4: I use warm, wet cotton pads to wipe off excess coconut oil but you can also use a washcloth (again, it should come off easily without having to scrub or rub harshly). Then splash face with lukewarm water (never use hot water to rinse or wash your face as it is very drying to the skin). 

Your skin should feel refreshed and moisturized right away. Commit to giving it a try for a couple weeks to experience other benefits like less noticeable wrinkles and luscious lashes kick.

You may be as hooked as we are and never buy regular makeup remover again. (Quick bonus tip: its better to keep your coconut oil for beauty and your coconut oil for cooking separated. Be sure to stock up so you can have one jar for the bathroom and one for the kitchen).

Have a favorite way to use coconut oil in your beauty routine? Be sure to leave us a comment would love to hear from you!

  • Coco Calla

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  • Dec 15, 2016

    Oh wow! I can’t wait to try this. I have been struggling to find a healthy way to remove my mascara each night. Over the counter eye makeup removers always break my skin out and irritate my eye area. I love your oil for my coffee and for cooking. I am excited to add it as a part of my skin care routine. I also am looking forward to using it with my lavender essential oils I use at bedtime.

    — Rebecca Renfrow

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