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  • How To Choose The Best Quality Coconut Oil
  • Coco Calla

How To Choose The Best Quality Coconut Oil

How To Choose The Best Quality Coconut Oil

When it comes to choosing the best quality coconut oil, the choices can be overwhelming and we get it. There are many brands on the market and all coconut oil is sourced from coconuts so they are all the same, right?

Actually, no. Not all coconut oils are created equal. 

The next time you find yourself looking for the best quality coconut oil, spend some time to dig deeper.

First, read the ingredients. Is it 100% raw coconut oil?

Is it certified organic? Coconut oil has many health benefits but exposing your body to toxic pesticides and herbicides with a coconut oil that is not organic cancels those benefits out. Nothing like adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your morning coffee that comes from coconuts sprayed with fungicide (no thank you!). 

Next, take the time to really look at the coconut oil. Does it have a smooth, rich texture or is it lumpy? Hint: Coconut oil should not look like cellulite. 

How is the color? Does it look fresh? Is the color pure and white, gray or even worse a dingy yellow?

How are the coconuts produced? Are they picked in large numbers to lay on the ground in piles for days and days affecting the quality of the oil before finally being processed or are they cracked open and produced within hours of harvesting to deliver the highest quality oil possible?

Where is the country of origin?

All of these questions can help you as a consumer decide which coconut oil is the best for your health and wellness needs while ensuring you are consuming a high quality product. 


Coco Calla is not your average coconut oil. The quality of our oil starts with the jar. We package our coconut oil in BPA-free recyclable glass jars, not plastic, to ensure no chemicals can leach into the oil. The texture of our coconut oil is smooth, rich and creamy. Our oil is created for the organic lifestylist who values quality all natural products. 


One of the keys to ensure the production of the highest quality coconut oil possible is our rapid workflow, which makes Coco Calla a leader in freshness. We only use hand-harvested coconuts and advanced technology to ensure the shortest amount of time from the moment the coconut is cracked open to filling the oil in glass jars. Under hygienic conditions and constant quality controls the fresh coconut flesh is first cold pressed, then filtered. Followed by a sophisticated, centrifugal process, the oil is extracted from the freshly pressed milk and finally bottled.

The entire process is done gently and carefully within hours, not days, of harvesting without any chemical additives so that the freshly pressed coconut oil remains as natural as can be. This preserves the natural composition of the oil and guarantees the high content of vitamins, minerals and medium-chain fatty acids. Thus providing you with the freshest, richest, unrefined cold pressed, organic extra virgin coconut oil.


While most coconut oils on the market are massed produced in the Philippines, Sri Lana or Vietnam, Coco Calla is unique because it comes from a small organic farm next to the Gulf of Thailand. The proximity to the sea infuses the roots of the coconut palm with higher levels of beneficial vitamins and minerals, in turn growing more nutrient rich coconuts making it one of the healthiest oils you can use. We strive to bring you the enchantment of Thailand in every jar of our nutrient enriched coconut oil to nourish your body from the inside out. 

Give Coco Calla coconut oil a try today and experience first hand the difference in our oil. We fell in love with it the first time we used it and know you will too. Shop now and receive FREE shipping

{product image credit Kate Oakley of Adorned Photography}


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