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  • 12 Healthy Habits For Weekend Success
  • Coco Calla

12 Healthy Habits For Weekend Success

12 Healthy Habits For Weekend Success

You've been dreaming of the weekend since Thursday (okay, maybe since Monday). You are looking forward to spending the next two days sleeping a little later, catching up on that novel you haven't had a chance to read all week or having an adventure outside taking in the sights and sounds of nature. You are feeling proud of staying on track through the week with your diet and exercise routine so the last thing you want to do is blow all your hard work over Saturday and Sunday. 

Sticking to your health regimen over the weekend not only supports your wellness goals but you won't be undoing all your hard work during the week allowing you to start Monday morning off full of energy, more confident and closer to your goals.  

Here are 12 healthy habits for weekend success. 

  1. Morning clean start detox. Drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning helps to flush the liver of toxins and aids in digestion. For an added burst of flavor and to super charge your metabolism add a teaspoon of organic unrefined coconut oil

  2. Meal prep at home: Eating out is a fun treat every now and then like for special occasions but an every day occurrence is hard on the budget and your health goals. Get in the habit of cooking at home on the weekends so you have total control over ingredients, sugar and sodium. Make it fun by creating a Weekend Recipes board on Pinterest to try out new fun clean eating recipes. Double the recipes and you have just meal prepped for the week!

  3. Add color to every meal: Increase the nutritional value of every meal by adding your favorite colorful fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are high in potassium and make a great breakfast add in to your oatmeal or granola and every protein is better when its partnered with a cup of fiber rich greens. Explore your local farmer's market this weekend for fresh ingredients and to support your local growers. 

  4. Step away from the processed foods: If it comes in a square piece of cardboard with a shelf life of 2-3 years its more than likely loaded with chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors. Fast food, junk food, and other processed boxed foods have to seriously go. If the ingredient list is a mile long and you can't pronounce half of it, avoid consuming it at all costs. Shop the outside sections of the your grocery store where the protein and fresh foods are and avoid shopping the inside aisles as much as possible where all the tempting calorie loaded foods are found. 

  5. Be carb smart: Comfort foods like white bread, bagels, muffins and pastries are super tempting especially on the weekends but can result in energy crashes through out the day. Instead support your digestion and energy levels with complex carbs like peas, brown rice, quinoa and lentils. 

  6. Don't skip meals: Sitting down to a meal completely famished not only leads to overeating but also poor food choices. Stay satisfied between meals and keep your energy levels going strong with a healthy snack like this Cherry Chocolate superfood smoothie so you don't sabotage your health goals. 
    1. Fake sugar free zone: Natural sugar from fruit is clean-eating plan approved. White sugar on the other hand used for baked goods and what your vanilla white chocolate mocha latte is loaded with, is not. Be mindful of the amount of artificial sugar in your diet for its the number one cause linked to so many current health issues. 

    2. DIY Snacks: Plan ahead when taking trips or long days out running errands by making quality homemade snacks like protein balls or energy bites to avoid stopping at convenience stores where there is nothing but low quality overpriced high fat options lurking around.  

    3. Limit the cocktails: We all know booze is not the healthiest option for the body but we get it, you have to live life too. Enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage but be mindful of your entire weekend plans and activities. Have a wedding to attend Saturday evening? Then its probably best to skip the wine at dinner Friday night. 

    4. Get your water bomb on: One of the easiest ways to support your health goals over the weekend is to ensure you are drinking plenty of water. Keep a water container full at all times to stay hydrated and flush your body of toxins. When you feel the need to change it up, add fruits, lemon, lime, cucumber and fresh mint to infuse your H20 with vitamins, minerals and flavor. There are even apps that can remind you during the day to jug your water.

    5. Opt for organic: Pesticides, herbicides, and hormones found in conventionally grown foods can disrupt your endocrine system and create inflammation in the body. Choosing organic options ensures that you steer clear of these chemicals. This is a great guide from on the foods you should always choose organic.  

      12. Stay Active. Weekends are for resting, relaxing and recharging but its also important to work some time into your weekend to stay active. Check out that new hiking trail, grab a friend for a morning walk, play a game of soccer in the yard with the kiddos, load up the family and the bikes and head to the park. Its easier to stay on track with your goals when you are intentional and consistent.  

      What are your favorite ways to stay on track to living a healthy weekend? Be sure to comment, we would love to hear from you!

      Ready to incorporate organic Thai coconut oil into your healthy lifestyle?

      "My favorite thing is to put it in my oatmeal or coffee first thing in the morning. When I use it, I usually have to make myself eat at lunch because I'm still not hungry. Wonderful for appetite control." Wade Nettles
  • Coco Calla

Comments on this post (3)

  • Feb 07, 2017

    These tips are amazing! Thank you for sharing them. Weekend meal prep is a lifesaver for me during the week for sure.

    — Alicia Roberts

  • Jan 01, 2017

    Good common sense tips here, April. I didn’t know that you could add coconut oil to your morning lemon detox. I’m becoming a big fan of coconut oil and looking forward to finding more ways to add it into my meals.

    — Joyce Hansen

  • Dec 31, 2016

    I love your list! The infographic is great too! Definitely pinning that.

    — Summer

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