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  • 10 Essential Tips You Should Know About Coconut Oil And Weight Loss
  • Coco Calla

10 Essential Tips You Should Know About Coconut Oil And Weight Loss

10 Essential Tips You Should Know About Coconut Oil And Weight Loss

Every time you turn around there is a new fad diet on the market. It seems that we are always looking for the easy way out, a quick fix, a magic pill, or lotions and potions that will melt our fat away. For years, you try one after the other. You lose the weight to just gain it back and then do it all over again. Then finally you get to the point where you are burned out and want a real solution! The solution is making healthy lifestyle changes. Replacing coconut oil for the current oil you are using and adding it into your daily diet is a small change that can help you become healthier and even aid in losing some of that unwanted fat.

Here is what we all know in simple terms: weight loss comes down to the number of calories we consume vs. the number of calories we use. So how can coconut oil help with weight loss? While it may seem like simple math, exactly what we eat is key. 100 calories of pretzels (a processed food) and 100 calories of avocado (a healthy fat) are not created equal. Some foods play an extremely beneficial role in the game of what benefits the metabolism and what does not.

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that can manage appetite, blood sugar, metabolism, the immune system and more. Here are 12 essential ways coconut oil can fit into your healthy lifestyle and weight loss strategy.

1. Using Fat To Burn Fat

Numerous studies have shown that coconut oil can burn inches off your waist line and lower your BMI. Whether or not you lose weight and how much weight you lose depends on how many calories you eat and use up, that's common sense, but its also common to hear stories from people who lost inches of fat even if the number on the scale did not move much. 

2. Giving Your Thyroid A Boost

Coconut oil gives the thyroid a jump-start which helps to raise the metabolism by helping your thyroid produce more of the metabolism-boosting hormone thyroxin. Medium Chain Triglyceride (coconut oil is full of MCTs) consumers burn 65% more calories than those who don't even while resting according to a study in The Journal of Nutrition. In fact, many people have successfully used coconut oil to combat hypothyroidism. 

3. Feel Fuller Longer

Because coconut oil is a healthy fat, it helps you feel fuller longer and in turn helping you to snack less. All fats help the body feel satisfied and healthy fats like coconut oil can also slow down digestion. You can put it in your morning coffee, drizzle it on oatmeal, put it in your favorite smoothie, use it as a cooking substitute (1:1 for butter) or take it raw by the teaspoon. 

4. Curb Spikes In Blood Sugar

Coconut oil can curb blood sugar spikes because its healthy fat composition we just discussed causes carbs to be digested more slowly. Blood sugar spikes are linked to a host of problems including increased belly fat not to mention when your blood sugar spikes, it also crashes, which means more sugar cravings and the vicious cycle continues. 

5. Candida Killer

Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal properties to help kill off yeast and candida build up in the gut. Candida overgrowth can cause sugar cravings therefore eliminating the excess yeast helps to lessen if not remove those extra cravings for unhealthy sugary snacks.

6. Energy Booster

The type of fat in coconut oil provides quick energy like carbohydrates do but without the fat storage. The liver converts the MCTs in coconut oil to energy that can be used immediately, since the liver doesn’t need extra enzymes to break it down (like it does for other fats). It has been our personal experience to have increased energy from coconut oil. We both love it in our morning coffee for that much need a.m. energy boost.

7. Health From The Inside Out

Keeping your digestive system running smoothly helps burn fat more efficiently. Coconut oil can help to improve the health of the overall digestive system, immune system and pancreas due to its detoxing, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. 

8. Get Regular

Those who have a diet rich in coconut oil experience a more regulated system. Being regular helps to detox the body and keep the metabolism running efficiently.

9. Smooth Cellulite

Not only do most of us want to lose weight and be healthier but who wouldn’t love some help smoothing out those dimply thighs? Coconut oil, when massaged into the skin with a dry brush for about 10 minutes per day, can actually reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is a simple technique of rubbing the coconut oil on your thighs and using a body brush to exfoliate the skin and reduce the signs of cellulite.

For this cellulite treatment is best to use a natural brush (vegetable based) and virgin (unrefined) coconut oil. After a hot shower, while the pores are still open, first apply coconut oil to the highs and start with a massage using the dry brush, in circular movements for about 10 minutes. 

This dry brushing technique can help to improve circulation, help to get the lymphatic system moving, remove toxins within cellulite formation and improve blood flow in that area while the coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

It is recommended to do this method every day for 30 days in order to experience the best results.

10. Heart Healthy

People in countries with coconut oil-rich diets like the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are also less prone to heart disease. Coconut oil contains antioxidants that can decrease oxidative stress. Virgin coconut oils in the diet are rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which have many potential heart-health benefits.

Additional Quick Tips:

As we have addressed in this article, there are many benefits to incorporating coconut oil in your overall healthy lifestyle and weight loss strategy, but it’s not a magic potion. Any good healthy nutrition plan includes a balanced amounts of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Its important to take into consideration that coconut oil is a far better choice than other fats you may be consuming. So when looking to add healthy fats to your favorite foods, give coconut oil a try. It’s a great choice to replace butter and sometimes olive oil in cooking and baking or to add something filling to low-fat foods like smoothies, teas and coffees.

Refined vs. Virgin Coconut Oil

Its important to know that not all coconut oils are created equal. Always choose unrefined (virgin), organic coconut oil over refined. Unfortunately the refined version has been treated so extensively that the healthy triglycerides are degraded. The refining process the health benefits to be lost and is full of unhealthy trans fat instead. Coco Calla coconut oil comes from organic coconuts grown on the gulf shores of Thailand infusing the them with more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The oil is processed within hours of being hand harvested resulting in one of the freshest, richest oils on the market that has a mild sweet flavor. 

How Much Do I Use?

How much you consume depends largely on your body weight, level of activity and eating habits so it’s always a good idea to start with a small amount. 1-2 tablespoons per day is a good amount to start with and you can always work your way up to more as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Have a favorite way you love to use coconut oil? Leave us a comment would love to hear from you! 

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  • Coco Calla

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